Gujarat - Suminter's projects are located in three districts - Surendra Nagar, Bhuj and Rajkot

Year of Initiation: 2005
Number of Farmers: 6,140
Number of Acres: 28,338
Primary Crops: Cotton, Sesame Seed, Mustard, Cumin

Suminter's organic cotton in Gujarat has been Fair-Trade certified since 2008 by FLO Germany and is the second project in Gujarat to receive this certification.   The project serves 2351 farmers covering 15930 acres.

In 2007, Suminter, as promoting body formed, Gujarat Sustainable & Organic Farmers Association (GSOFA), a farmer's organization with its independent identity.  It strictly works on the principle of consensus, democracy and transparency in all its dealings.  The executive body of 30 members is elected by farmers themselves.  

To date, Suminter has completed dozens of projects related to water and religious pyres and more than a dozen more projects are schedule to complete this year.